SpanAll Communications™ provides Management Consulting Services to assist our clients overcome their telecommunications’ challenges. These services range from delivering standalone projects to complex programs and entire networks. We leverage our extensive relationships with equipment vendors, service providers, and venture capital firms to secure leading edge technologies and services, as well as capital to finance our clients’ projects, programs, and network deployments.

Project and Program Management Services

Our process driven approach is designed to ensure successful completion of clients’ projects and programs on time and on budget. The planning phase of this process is the most critical since thorough planning leads to consistent project success. The execution phase adheres to plan and is coordinated closely with our clients. The project then moves into the test and turn-up phase, where a production environment is simulated to ensure proper deployment. Only after achieving consistently successful test results is the project turned over for acceptance.

• Planning
• Execution
• Test & Turn-up
• Acceptance

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Network Deployment Services

Our expertise at deploying both wireline and wireless networks makes us the right partner for your network deployment projects ranging from a single site to an entire network. Depending on your specific capabilities and objectives, we can do some or all of following functions – network planning and design; acquiring sites for switching core and antenna placement; negotiating leasing agreements; acquiring equipment and supplies; and managing site construction.

• Network Design
• Site Acquisition
• Contract Negotiations
• Equipment & Supplies Acquisition
• Construction Management

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